Everything you need to know about us

QC-INVESTMENTS LTD is a growing and dynamic, well-established and future-focused firm of business developers and consultants who believe in creating strategies, systems, structures and solutions aimed at providing sustainable measures that provide for the specific development of people, businesses and communities.

By the continual development of human capital and capacity, deployment of apposite technologies or technological interventions, strategic alliance with experts with the needed professional characters and culture, the use of relevant integrated development models we are able to bolster local economy, enhance people’s capacity to make wealth, and improve business chances of achieving their corporate objective.

The company was established in December 1, 2008; and our core operations center on business development, human capital development, community development management consulting, agency representation, and portfolio investments.


Individual Values

Mutual Respect

Equity and Fairness



Organizational Values

Operational Readiness

(teamwork, communication, timeliness)


(objective, excellence, result-oriented)

Corporate Responsibility

(confidentiality, discipline, dressing etc)

Social Responsibility Patriotism

(positive impact, CSR, giving back to communities)


Client Satisfaction
Lives touched


To be preferred management and business development solution provider; providing sustainable excellence – in the development of people, businesses and in the management of clientele-base cities.


Our management consists of dedicated individuals with extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, which include but not limited to business development and management; human capital development; marketing, sales and brand management; corporate resource management; corporate solutions and technologies; corporate finance and management; community development and sustainable economy.

The team maintains a holistic view of local and global business, investments, finance, human capital and community development, management and re-engineering issues; and boast of over 150-years collective experience in the business, investments and corporate finance sector, along with eighty-five years in providing research/development, business models development, corporate solutions/technologies, and international trade/marketing strategies and solutions to people, businesses and communities.