Our programs are tailored towards capacity building and sustainable economic development. The objective is to continue to commit ourselves to help people or groups develop and own a successfully managed and growing business; while at the same time engaging in programs and partnership that will promote social good.

Therefore take advantage of any of the following programs and give yourself, your career and your business a leading edge.

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The iLEAD AFRICA ACADEMY seeks to raise mentors and partner with individuals/groups; to provide mentoring, coaching and leadership by modeling an inspiring life of excellence, moral uprightness and leadership discipline for our young people

Partner with us today and be part of our community and school outreach network; and enjoy our support, access numerous wealth creation opportunities and influence societal change.

We provide educational support services structured around technology, non-technology and development finance initiatives to all categories of educational institutions.​

The objective is to build solutions for a holistic environment that promotes exciting, interactive, integrated and continuous learning opportunities within school environments, at remote locations and the home front.; in order to nurture a generation of thinkers, doers and leaders.

Do you have a idea you want to turn to a successful business story? OR Are you looking for access to the right finance/funds to your business? OR Are you looking for guaranteed investment opportunities with god returns? OR You want know how to get that dream JOB? Or YOU want to own a successful business while still in employment/or in retirement?

We got your back, take advantage of our BUSINESS EDGE for a giant leap into possibilities and successful achievement.