Development Finance for Schools

WE NOW OFFER DEVELOPMENT FINANCE for the renovation and building of school structures

At QC-INVESTMENT LTD we believe that education is the bedrock of development and change in society, we have evolved to work across education areas as a trusted partner to governments, private sector organizations, and educational associations (like AFED, GASO, LEAMSP, NAPPS, etc.). Hence, we provide educational support services that are structured around technology, non-technology, and development finance initiatives to build a holistic learning environment in schools, and further promote exciting, interactive, integrated, and continuous learning opportunities outside the school environments. We realize that with the growing economic cost, high-interest rates, a parlous economic system, and no-governmental support, it is becoming impossible to provide top-notch educational programs and grow a thriving school system that is second to none. To salvage the situation, we strategically align with construction companies, estate developers, and finance companies as partners to help renovate, develop and build school structures, and also equip them. Therefore, with our DEVELOPMENT FINANCE OPTIONS, we now provide advisory services, consultation with financial institutions, and proffer financial solutions that are geared toward providing physical infrastructure renovations/development/establishments, and improvement programs that re-energize school facilities, and updated technical education equipment.

OUR DEVELOPMENT FINANCE, allows you to renovate and build your school structures, or equip your school, and repay over a period of 3 to 5-years, under our non-interest based financial scheme. When you sign up for our DEVELOPMENT FINANCE, one of construction or technology partners will visit your school to evaluate your needs, after which they will discuss terms and conditions for executing the project or supply; and upon agreement in line with the requirement set-out they will implement the project.

    Some of the conditions you will need to meet are as follows:
  • Equity Contribution up to 30% and other administrative/handling fees where required
  • Mortgage protection plan (through our approved insurance company, for school building/renovation finance)
  • Deed of Mortgage (through our approved legal consultants for school building/renovation finance)
  • Performance Bond (by both the project managers and the school, where applicable)