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We are seeking investment for the funding of proprietary projects and programs. To invest with us, you have the option of: the short term interest based JV-IPP program and/or the long term project finance for profit share.

Hence, we are pleased to introduce to you our JOINT VENTURE – INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM (JV-IPP), promises our investing partners secured and diversities of economic gains. The JOINT VENTURE – INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM (JV-IPP), was set up mainly to network with investors, who will partner with us, by making both financial and material commitment that will be harness to provide seamless answers to the problem of job creation, wealth creation and community development.

The JV-IPP program gives our investing partners unique access to diversified economic gains as we jointly harness ceaseless local economic opportunities by making investment in the varied (agricultural; educational; financial services; food, drinks & beverages/industrial catering real estate, social enterprise; sport & entertainment; telecommunications, transport etc) sectors of the economy, to create limitless wealth possibilities. And similarly, the JV-IPP program promises our investing partners an average guaranteed return of 18% annually on their investment (which estimates to 1.5%/month), which is paid on pro-rata basis monthly or quarterly.

To join the JV-IPP program the investing partner is required to execute a JV-IPP contract agreement with us and make a minimum financial commitment of NGN5,000,000 (five million naira only) over a minimum period of 12-months for which they earn a monthly return of 1.5%; after which they are free to re-invest, or divest the principal at the end of the 12-months term, by giving us at least one-month notice. However there is room for negotiation with investing partners with funds higher than NGN25million and there is also a special provision for investing partners to hold equity, over fixed period, in certain projects, where the investing partner provides exclusive or counterpart funding (in part or in whole) towards the development and execution of such projects.

With the JV-IPP Program, our investing partners are sent a quarterly report, so as to appraise our performance, to monitor and coordinate their gains, while at the same time they can use our platform to grow their own personalized global brand. Furthermore, investing partners are invited to a half-yearly investment forum where our investment programs/projects are fully highlighted and investors are given the opportunity to make recommendations and advisement on the decisions of the board. Similarly, investors are free to visit with or without notice our operations site to investigate and keep up with updates on the success strides of the JV-IPP.

Partnering and investing with us through the JV-IPP is the bomb of the year as the platform offers our investing partners unusual profit options and possibilities. Which includes guaranteed financial returns; security of funds, as the investing partners fund will be used, in acquisition of capital appreciating and liquid assets except in the case of a total collapse of our operations due to force-majeure and/or inter/national issues and/or issues beyond reasonable contemplations; and our investing partners can use our platform to grow their own personalized global business brand, however on negotiated terms, on case by case basis.

We hereby formally invite you to partner with us, to harness local opportunities and create new wealth opportunities. Should you have further inquiry please feel free to contact us

Welcome on board!!

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