Our Business operation anchors on the following cardinal process:

  • To develop sector base business solutions and business models that are economically feasible, viable and profitable to all stakeholders;
  • To align with technical partners that will design, develop, finance and manage such business options over a term of 5-years with opportunity to renew for another  term of 3/5years thereafter;
  • To seek/make investment or partner with investors in the deployment and global utilization of our solutions; and/or in the execution our solutions/business models;
  • To continue to provide for sustainable local economy development and management of community-base clients and resources;
  • To maintain leadership in community development, business development/management, peoples’ management and local economy growth;


Our business and investments spans across the following sector:

  • Agriculture
  • Community & Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Education
  • Energy & Power
  • Foods, Beverages, Drinks (Industrial Catering) & Hospitality Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Oil & Gas and Mining
  • Real Estate, Housing and Town-Planning/Development
  • Social Enterprise, Sports & Entertainment
  • Technologies/Technological Innovations & Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport & Logistics


The QC-OFIKI INTEGRATED FARM would serve as one of the largest poultry farm in West Africa, when completed.

The projects is expected  to commence in the second 2019 in Oyo State, South-West region of Nigeria.

The project will be designed, developed and managed by a top Isreali poultry development and management company, (a company that happens to be one of the top 10-agriculture services/technology base company in the world.

CREDENCE ACADEMY was developed by QC-INVESTMENT LTD as a tuition-free and franchise model, that will provide  educational services (covering: primary, secondary, post-secondary, tertiary and specialist/professional) across Nigeria and the sub-Saharan Africa.

We are retained as business development and management consultant, while at the same time making an investment in the project as a principal partner.

As part of our interest in transport and traffic management; we developed and invested in a waterway transit business model, known as the HOVER-SHUTTLE SERVICES, which uses the hovercraft as both  passengers and cargoes ferry, across the Lagos lagoon and extending to all the coastal region of the western Africa community.

The project is managed by an indigenous Nigerian company while our technical partners is a leading Australian company which specialty int eh manufacturing and operations of  hovercraft.

We developed and invested in a white bread production business/franchise model. We engaged varied specialist companies and experts in the process, from product development (FIRST BLENDS), quality control assurance management, to product marketing management, and then general technical consulting.

We invested in acquiring a bakery for the bread production; and then set up an independent management team  committed to  executing the business ventures ideals.

In 2015, we acquired a small company that was engaged in the production of waters in PET-Bottles,Dispensing JARS, and nylon sachet. We set up an independent management team, we turn-around the company and invested in both physical infrastructure and production lines. We created a large network of channel/distribution partners.

Thereafter, we developed a business franchise model that allows individuals and/or enterprise to own/produce waters in their branded names.

At the moment we have invested in market intelligence to develop technology related solutions and business model with IoT in mind.

Five solutions out of the numerous research interest which will be released in 2019/20 includes varied SAAS solutions for Business Communications, Educational Operations & Management, Transport/Traffic (Travels and Dispatch management), Independent Virtual Assistance Workforce  and Security Management.

Additionally, we will be introducing our own ISP (4G-LTE) network, IPTV/DVBH Services and later in the future DTT/DTH services.