Portfolio Investments

We develop in-house business models and source for viable business opportunities

As part of our commitment to achieve local economic growth and sustainable development, we develop in-house business models and source for viable business opportunities, and we create investments in these business options. Our direct investment or diversification portfolios are in agriculture, agency representation, community & sustainable development, education, energy and renewable resources, financial services & fin-tech, foods (industrial catering) & beverages/drinks, hospitality management, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, real estate, social service enterprise, sports and entertainment, technologies/technological innovations & solutions, telecommunication, and transport & logistics management.


  • Investment Analysis
  • Asset Allocation across different asset classes to achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio..
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

Potential Outcomes:

  • Capital Growth through capital appreciation and long-term growth of investment portfolios.
  • Income Generation through short and medium-term investment strategies that include dividend-paying stocks, bonds, or other income-generating assets.
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Financial Goal Achievement, achieved through the alignment of investment portfolios with financial goals
  • Peace of Mind through effective investment by experienced professionals who are dedicated to achieving set financial objectives

  • Benefits:

  • Diversification of investment holdings across different asset classes, sectors, and geographical regions.
  • Professional Expertise with in-depth market knowledge and expertise.
  • Risk Management Through careful analysis and monitoring, we identify and manage potential risks to optimize portfolio performance and safeguard investments.
  • Customized Approach offering a tailored approach, taking into account individual preferences, time horizons, and investment objectives to develop customized investment strategies.